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Sometimes we are our own obstacle: Negative self-talk, bad habits, impulse control challenges. Despite any perceived personal shortcomings, however, we are deeply connected to the profound human experiences and expressions of love, artistry, compassion, brilliance. Indeed, we each have tremendous capabilities to live and express our own Radiance into the world. If we are connected to our best self, we live our best self. Workshop participants pair up with new friends who– following recommended interview methods– help pull out of those participants often neglected memories of past moments of success and happiness, aka their glimmers of Radiance. Workshop participants are then guided by facilitators Betsy and Scott to understand their path to build a new life based on their own unique Radiance. Longer workshops include guided Radiance meditation, transformational affirmations, invigorating discussions, and exercises to prepare for the moments of crisis in life. Together, we connect to and live from our highest selves.

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