Vision statement

By radiating the energy of our highest self, we can achieve our dreams. This universal certainty is the Law of Radiance. This law is not some magical promise; rather, it calls for personal practice, self-awareness and self-love. Through identifying, cultivating, and acting from our personal strengths, we learn to lead our lives from the best parts of ourselves. We can have and create flourishing relationships with family members, friends, and partners. We can build a prosperous career that is not just a job but our calling. We can participate in a cohesive community that responds to changing needs toward peace and justice. By practicing the Law of Radiance, our own energy and beauty opens the door to personal growth and spiritual transformation and, ultimately, our most radiant self.

Our Mission

We are here on this earth to promote the Law of Radiance as a way of life that can transform us individually, as an idea that can unify us and the background for social policies at a local, national and international level. We seek to help others achieve the highest expressions of themselves in their career and relationships. We seek a community where this Love and Beauty and Radiance is valued and cherished above all. And we seek a community of nations whose policies honor and promote the opportunity for each of us to build our lives around our own Radiance.

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