Three part prayer

We recommend starting one’s day with a three-part prayer followed by at least five minutes of meditation. This will help set the optimal frame of mind to follow and express your highest Radiant self throughout the day. The three parts of the prayer are: Prayer of Gratitude; Prayer for Others; Affirmation for Yourself.

1. Prayer of Gratitude:

This part of our prayer reminds us that whatever darkness we may be feeling is only part of what is happening. No matter how you are doing in the moment, there is always something to be grateful for. Whether simply being alive or the existence of a family member is your starting point, we can catalog many of the radiant parts of our life each morning. This can be repeated during times of stress, at a break while you wait in line or for transportation or while walking.

2. Prayer for Others

This part of our prayer builds our empathy. Whether we are praying for the health of a loved one or a return to peace with a newfound “enemy,” we wish the best for those who are in our lives or who have entered our consciousness. We remember that everyone is struggling with something and we can sometimes help ease those struggles. As we send love and light to others, we also give the gift of love and light to ourselves.

  1. Affirmation for Yourself: The third part of the prayer finally focuses on our own journey. Here we do not ask for gifts from on high or from an interventionist God; we do not expect the universe to provide our heart’s desire. Instead, we state our intention to commit righteous actions, to live at our highest self. We practice positive affirmations that our actions, words and thoughts– the things in this world that we can control– will be as we wish they would be. We will act with integrity, with love, with brilliance, with Radiance. We don’t ask for a promotion at a job, we affirm that we excel at the work we do (and we let the rewards fall where they may). We don’t ask for someone to fall in love with us, instead we affirm that we live as our most Radiant self (and let others who can appreciate that Radiance fall in love with us as they may).

LOR Shine Exercise

To activate your Radiance in sudden instances of crisis or challenge take these three quick steps:

  1. Begin with a deep breath from the belly, shoulders back and down so that you are physically leading with your heart.
  2. Count ten breaths, twice.
  3. Then say to yourself an affirmation of right action that fits the given situation. For instance, if you have just received a glaring email from your angry boss, your affirmation might be “I am good at my job, and I choose to remain calm. I remember that my boss is coming from her own life context, and I will not allow her projections to impact my peace.” Another example would be if your partner says something that offends you, you take a deep breath and affirm, “I remain at peace now. I choose to be loving in my actions and my words, and I communicate in ways that build and respect our love.”

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