Mistakes & Forgiveness 2 part series: Pt 1: 5 Steps to Recover from Your *+&%$! Mistake

We all make mistakes. In this two part series, Scott will discuss 5 steps to take after committing your mistake and later Betsy will discuss the Law of Radiance approach to Forgiveness.

Scott’s steps — yes there is a reason for this order–

(2) Ask For Forgiveness & Be Sorry! But there is a catch! Listen to the 7 minute video below.

(1)  Understand. Understand what? As you will hear, there is no reason for you to be forgiven until you understand.

(3) Process and Patterns. Sometimes mistakes are compounded by the process you used, sometimes they are part of a larger pattern. Listen to find out why coming to grips with this step is so vital.

(4) Do your Law of Radiance. And there is a BIG reason why this is important.

(5) Accept. Sometimes mistakes aren’t to be recovered from, but your step 4 will help you control what can be controlled.

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