Why Meditate?

The purpose of meditation is to focus on the stillness and love that exist within. This is different than much of the other Law of Radiance work we do, which generally aims to consciously transform and build proactive behaviors. Through a daily practice of meditation, we build our own Radiance by connecting directly with our Higher Self. We sit in stillness and peace, allowing our thoughts to quiet. We connect with our loving energy, with our own version of love or God, with ideas of peace or the Universe. We grow our capacity to be non-reactive in challenging situations. We recommend sitting in meditation for at least five minutes every day until it feels easy to sit for longer periods of time. Please find below some guided meditations you are welcome to use, or you may sit quietly in mindfulness meditation (explained below) on your own.

Guided Meditation

  1. This Law of Radiance Gratitude guided meditation provides a brief beginning to a meditation that can continue on for as long as you have time. By filling our hearts with gratitude and appreciation, we create the space for our own Radiance to grow.
  1. This Law of Radiance Loving Kindness guided meditation provides a continual narration of a journey toward loving yourself, loving others, and sharing your gifts with the world.


Mindfulness Meditation

In contrast to guided meditation, mindfulness meditation helps to free us from the burden of thoughts. Sitting in a comfortable position, close or lower your eyes. Relax and focus on your breathing, your physical or emotional state and sensations, intentionally noticing what you are experiencing right there and then. Let thoughts of what has happened previously or in the future just flow away with no condemnation or judgements. At the end of your meditation practice, return to focusing on the sensations of the breath and slowly open your eyes. This meditation can be practiced for minutes or hours.

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