Master Radiance Groups

Over the course of 8 weeks, we “Radiators” embark on a journey together toward leading our lives with Radiance. Our Radiators will meet 3 times over the 8 week span and will provide you with new tools and approaches to inspire and grow your unique gifts and align these gifts with your goals. These small Master Radiance Group meet-ups will provide Radiators a chance to build community, discuss their unique experiences, overcome challenges, and ask questions. For Radiators living in Southern California, our Master Radiance groups will meet in-person in Los Angeles. For Radiators living outside Southern California, our Master Radiance groups will meet over an online forum which will emphasize the participation and community-building of an in-person group. Master Radiance Group membership also includes a weekly individual life coaching session with Scott or Betsy, where we work one-on-one to help you create the life you want using the skills and gifts you already have. In addition, as a Master Radiance Radiator, you will have access to our members-only online forum, with access to online member discussions, limited access meditations, specialty podcasts, and networking opportunities. For more information and to register, click here

Individual Life Coaching

Springboard your journey to happiness through Law of Radiance individual life coaching. By meeting one-on-one with Law of Radiance certified life coach Betsy Havens, M.P.H./J.D, you have the opportunity to receive individualized reflection and counsel. Betsy works in-depth with Radiators to identify and develop your strengths. She empowers you to grow the most radiant parts of yourself. She guides you on how to align your gifts and skills with your life goals. She is your coach as you move forward toward building a life you love. The practice of the Law of Radiance requires your individual focus and dedication first, before your outside goals and desires can align with your Light. Individual life coaching sessions are the best tool available to help you channel your energy to build the life of your dreams. For more information on individual life coaching and to schedule your session, please contact Betsy Havens at

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