Key Concepts

1. If We Are Connected to Our Best Self, We Will Be Our Best Self

By focusing on and growing the beauty and peace that lies within, we can become a beacon of beauty and peace in the world. It is time to stop focusing our energy on trying to magically manifest the things we do not have; that just makes us lonely and miserable. Rather, we focus on the gifts we already have–our talents, our most cherished relationships, our successes, our strengths. These make up our highest self. From these gifts, we gain the power to choose to live each day, leading from our gifts and from a place of abundance. Only by intentionally building from this place of a heightened spirit will we gain the happiness, success, and fulfillment we seek.

2. Our Past Helps Us Spring Forward

No matter how much your past haunts you, or your current failures taunt you, or you lack of success at achieving your goals frustrates you, you already have the seeds of your own transformation inside of you. The past or present you wrestle with is– for all of us– also seeded with your own strengths and successes, no matter how small they might have seemed. The Law of Radiance reconnects you with those moments of Radiance, when you spoke, acted, or reacted from your higher self. Those moments of right action and right seeing are the most powerful platforms for you to transform your life.

3. Build Your Most Radiant Self from Your Own Radiance

Plato said organize yourself around one of the higher values and everything else will fall into place. The Law of Radiance follows this 2000 year old prescription and helps individuals build their life out from their highest selves. The Law of Radiance provides its “Radiators” with introspective exercises, workshops in self-understanding and emphasis on self-knowledge and meditation. Understanding the greatest parts of yourself, even those that have seemingly been dormant for years or decades, is the higher value by which you can rebuild your life.

4. The Only Way Out of Darkness is to Choose Your Own Light

In every circumstance, we have the choice of reacting from our old patterns and habits that have not worked for us or choosing to respond from the light of our own Radiance. This is the Radiance we have felt and lived at times and want to live more in our future. In that moment of struggle, when your mind wants to see the negative, when you are frightened or angry or jealous or ashamed, that is the moment when you can choose anew by using the Law of Radiance’s Shine Exercise (described below).

5. Sit, Accept, Radiate.

Unlike the teachings of the Law of Attraction, the Law of Radiance requires us to observe things exactly as they are, not the way we wish they were if we weren’t so lacking. When we face challenging thoughts and situations, the Law of Radiance challenges us to sit in that difficult emotion and experience the discomfort exactly as it is. We can then learn to sit with a difficult emotion without needing to immediately react to it. This is as ancient as the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree, or Jesus praying in the wilderness. While the Law of Radiance believes that positive thought and intention is critical to lasting transformation, we also recognize that addiction is born from resisting and refusing to sit with challenging emotions—rage, jealousy, insecurity, fear, anger. Instead of meditation and strengthening their minds, many people run toward a bottle, drugs, food, smoking, sex or TV. If we can instead notice these feelings and sit with them as they come, we can release the power they have over us in order to separate that feeling from our behavior/reactions. That is acceptance. But acceptance of the negative is simply the prerequisite for surpassing it. That is where we must channel our Radiance– our past or current successes and best practices– and push out of that space as we focus on living from our highest self.

We smile knowing as we have once been great, we will be great again in the here and now.

6. Radiating During Times of Crisis (LOR Shine Exercise)

To activate your Radiance in sudden instances of crisis or challenge take these three quick steps:

  1. Begin with a deep breath from the belly, shoulders back and down so that you are physically leading with your heart.
  2. Count ten breaths, twice.
  3. Then say to yourself an affirmation of right action that fits the given situation. For instance, if you have just received a glaring email from your angry boss, your affirmation might be “I am good at my job, and I choose to remain calm. I remember that my boss is coming from her own life context, and I will not allow her projections to impact my peace.” Another example would be if your partner says something that offends you, you take a deep breath and affirm, “I remain at peace now. I choose to be loving in my actions and my words, and I communicate in ways that build and respect our love.”
  4. Through affirmation, we instantaneously reconnect with our highest qualities and bring them forward into our most difficult moments. Through meditation, prayer, yoga and daily affirmation, we build our spiritual muscles to be able to face these moments of negative emotion with greater calm and equanimity. Our goal is to make this LOR Shine reaction second nature, easily summoned in a time of crisis when we most need it.

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