Building our Radiant Community: A Transformational Workshop

Building our Radiant Community: A Transformational Workshop

Last week’s Law of Radiance workshop was…inspirational. It was filled with old friends and new friends alike. We were fortunate to hold it at a gorgeous spa– Love Organic Salon & Spa in Simi Valley– located about 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Love Spa is filled with positive energy, colorful mandalas, and a gorgeous yoga studio where we gathered.

Our “Activating Your Highest Self” workshop helped our beautiful participants identify and connect with their own Radiance–their inner Light–their unique gifts, strengths, talents, and past triumphs.  We then brainstormed ways that their Radiance could help them as they approach their identified challenges in their lives. It was powerful and the two hours passed so quickly, too quickly for those involved. Scott and I felt grateful to be a part of something so transformative and valuable.

What is the Law of Radiance?

The purpose of the Law of Radiance is to come into a closer alignment with our Best Selves.  When we focus on our own unique gifts, talents, strengths, triumphs– our Glimmers of Radiance–we are able to live from a space of greater joy, strength, and happiness.  When we are focused on all that we have, rather than all that we don’t have but want, we become grounded in what truly is.  We are then able to create a life that is both in line with our unique gifts and built from a space of gratitude rather than a sense of lack. Our Law of Radiance workshops (and website) offers tools, exercises and practices to help us remember everyday that we already have all that we need to create the life we want.  The Law of Radiance teaches us to embrace that truth and then align our goals and path with all of our gifts. This enables us to build stronger relationships with ourselves and others, have healthier bodies, thriving careers.  It inspires us to follow our calling and, most importantly, to be filled with the joy and beauty and abundance that is ours to claim.  If you missed our workshop, explore our website for more juicy tidbits and reflections,

Meditate to Radiate

Since we suggest that people start the day in meditation as a way to get centered and in line with our Radiance, we started our workshop by sitting in communion through a guided Radiance meditation.  Like the meditations we have shared on our website (look for the “Do This Today” tab), the focus of the meditation is to sit in a space of peace and gratitude. We connect with the Love and Light that exists within ourselves and the Love and Light that is always surrounding us and connecting each of us.  It was a few moments spent coming home to ourselves.

Exploring our Glimmers of Radiance: Past and Present

From there, our workshop participants (aka Radiators) dove directly into cataloging and remembering our Radiance Inventory.  Our group took time to write about their gifts and talents, their assets, their passion. As our Radiators wrote a laundry list of their strengths and talents, we helped them dig deeper than a typical job application or dating profile. We found that our Radiators quickly wrote their first five strengths but many struggled past that number. We laughed at how easy it would be to list more than five “shortcomings.” We kept at it and found that focusing on our strengths– our Glimmers of Radiance– is a much better way to spend our energy than on focusing on our wants/desires and deficiencies. Do try this at home.

One of the core concepts of the Law of Radiance is that we have already lived from our Best Selves.  We have already had moments in our life where we have been in alignment with our best traits– like that time when  we gave that speech that deeply connected with the audience, when we gave birth to a miraculous human, when we wrote our thoughts in a blog or a book that has been in our heart for years, when we had the right energy to find our soulmate.  For each of us, our moments are unique but we all know that feeling–where we were tapped in to our true selves, our true flow, our true Radiance.

These moments where we have already lived from our own Radiance have crept up in times of challenge and crisis as well.  Our Radiance emerged when we had to dig deep into the strength we didn’t know we had to get through a heartbreak, a divorce, a death, an addiction, depression, illness, a dissertation, or (my personal favorite) the bar exam.  In those moments of pain and agony, there was some point along our path when we had a moment of clarity, when we knew in our hearts we were getting through our challenge, that the strength was within us. In that moment we felt peace in the midst of chaos, and we connected deeply to our Radiance.

In our workshop, we spent time exploring these past moments of inner strength and gifts. We split up into small groups where we talked about some of our past experiences where we have, by force or desire, tapped into our own Radiance. We then used those re-collected Glimmers of Radiance to help us find the way forward.

Using our Radiance for Progress

Identifying our Glimmers of Radiance–our strengths, resources, and past successes– is a critical step in exploring how it is we can bring our Radiance forward in our lives now. To explore this concept during the workshop, participant Radiators interviewed each other to better understand how the challenges we are facing now can be met with some of our Glimmers of Radiance. As imperfectly perfect humans, we all are currently facing challenges in our lives–whether it’s grappling with a rocky relationship, battling with a frustrating job, finding the courage to pursue our life’s calling, parenting, or just being happy. Life is full of twists and turns and challenges.  Facing our challenges while being connected with our most Radiant self is our best path forward.

  • We can learn to focus on our greatest gifts and embed them into our relationships.  We can also– at the same time– focus on bringing out our partner’s most radiant gifts.
  • We can weave our unique gifts and talents into our current jobs regardless of any frustration we might have at them. Bringing our Best Self to our work lifts us above the mundanity of life.
  • We can build the time for our calling–that work or hobby that our souls yearn to do. This too is Radiance. When we prioritize this Radiance, we create the space and bits of time we need for our creativity and talents to flourish.

At the end of our workshop, we all left feeling reminded of what it is we have to offer ourselves and the world.  Yes, this is a long process, and two hours is like a breath in the grand scheme of things.  But this work is powerful, the change is real, the process is transformational, and my heart cries out yes.

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