About Affirmations

Affirmations are a critical tool in generating our Radiance, because they help us to retrain the way we think. Through daily affirmations, we transform the negative voice inside our head to be more loving, more gentle, more positive. We help shift our perspective to be more immediately engaged with the present moment. We affirm the positivity that already exists.

We recommend practicing one affirmation each day. Select one of the affirmations below, or write your own. Looking into the mirror, repeat your affirmation out loud five times. Keep a copy of the affirmation with you and revisit it throughout the day. As the way you speak to yourself changes, your inner state of being will also change.

Self worth

All of the love I am looking for is inside me. Connecting to the love in within, I love myself easily and unconditionally.

My past experiences have provided me with invaluable gifts and important perspective. I use this perspective to help me make good decisions for myself. I look at my past with loving eyes and gratitude.

Today I treat myself like my own best friend. I am loving and gentle with every conversation I have with myself. I hold myself with compassion during difficult moments.

I move freely with the ebb and flows of each day. I stay flexible and easy no matter what comes my way. Being easy-breezy helps me to have more fun and enjoy myself more.

I see the beauty and magnificence in every person, including myself. I feel it! My love flows easily and effortlessly, without expectations or judgment.


All of my needs are already met. Knowing this, I focus on how I can give more to this relationship, helping ______ rather than focusing on how s/he can help me.

I am filled with love and gratitude for _________. I know that my life is forever changed and immensely blessed from knowing him/her. I see only love here.

I choose to see ________ through loving eyes, remembering his/her highest qualities. By focusing on these qualities, I help hold a space for him/her to express their beauty more easily and freely.

With my thoughts, words, and actions I show my partner how much I care for him/her. I want them to feel all of this love that I hold for them deep in my heart.

I communicate my feelings freely and kindly and bravely, knowing that clear, honest, heartfelt communication leads to even more gifts.

Even in our challenging moments, I remember all of the love that I have for _______, which cannot be shaken. Grounded in my love, I stay calm and speak kindly even if I am feeling hurt or angry or upset.

I am at peace with being alone at this time. I know that it is only temporary, and that I am growing and improving my soul and getting to know myself better so that I can be an even better partner when the right person comes along.


My body is a miracle exactly as it is. I bless my own breath, my legs, my arms, my back, my head, my stomach. I bless all of my curves and bumps and scars and imperfections. I give thanks for the gift of being alive.

My body wants to heal itself. Therefore, I take the best care of my body and support myself physically and spiritually on my healing journey. I accept health now.

I feed myself the healthiest food, and I move my body in ways that I enjoy. I know that this body and my health are a gift, and I do not take them for granted.

Even though I am in pain right now, I know that my body is calling for me to be gentle and most caring toward myself. I listen and respond with patience, humility, and thankfulness for all that my body can do.

My body is my home for life. I do my best to keep my body temple clean and safe, comfortable and happy, well pleased, and energetic.


I use my gifts and my energy for the service of others. I am happy to use my precious time and energy toward creating the community I want to live in.

I am grateful for all of my unique gifts and talents. I use my talent to contribute to the world knowing that by giving to others, my gifts multiply and my happiness grows.

I connect with my own power, strength, love and beauty, and I use my gifts to make the world a better place to live.

I love the work I am doing, and I know I am making a meaningful difference.

No matter how trying my work has been, I do my best in order to have my life filled with success. As I continue to do well in my tasks, I come closer to living at my highest self which is its own reward.

Even though my work is challenging, I am strong and determined. When I am working toward my vision, the energy comes and my enthusiasm carries me.

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