About Law of Radiance

There is an experience that flows through the lives of humans– and arguably other species– which connects our diverse race in a deep and profound manner. Some might call it love. Some might call it beauty, others, art. Many call it God. It is an experience that comes to us when we are each living at our highest self. We call this the Law of Radiance. It’s the mother desperately loving her newborn child. It is the artist lost in the act of painting. It is one human helping another, not out of gain for himself, but simply because of the need of the other. It is a doctor rushing across the world to treat patients from different continents who’ve contracted a deadly disease. It is the firefighter running into a burning building to save a stranger. It is a social worker tenaciously finding one more resource for her impoverished client. It is the tender touch of your lover; the arm around your shoulder from your best friend; the tight hug from your parents; a musician filled with the magic of playing music; foster parents caring for children in need of love; a dancer leaping with joy and grace.

This is Us at our highest selves. This is Us at our most Radiant. It is the most we can hope for, the greatest we can aspire to, the answer to the question as to what we should do here, on this earth. It is also what is lacking in the body politic of our nations. It is what is lacking when we don’t know what career or pursuit we should follow; it is lacking when we struggle with our interpersonal relationships. Its absence signals a dimming of our own Radiance.

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