About Betsy & Scott

Betsy Havens, M.P.H./J.D., has spent a lifetime pursuing the most effective means to achieve wellness, wholeness, and spiritual truth. Through her work as a public speaker, community educator and certified life coach, Ms. Havens has empowered and inspired hundreds of individuals across the country to improve their health and wellbeing. She has also published numerous articles about community wellness and has served as a women’s counselor with various non-profits. In addition to her work with people on the Law of Radiance, she is a great advocate for people impoverished by our current economic system. She defends the rights of people with disabilities, shaping laws and policies. Through meditation, affirmations, yoga, spiritual practice, and in her relationships, she continues to learn about and teach a journey of peace, love, and fulfillment. betsy@LawofRadiance.org
Scott McVarish, M.A./J.D. is an author, activist and advocate. At age 20 he published his first book: The Greening of New Zealand: New Zealanders’ Visions of Green Alternatives. This book captured the incredible energy present in New Zealand during the 1980s and 90s as New Zealanders shrugged off their colonial past and began finding alternative forms of community, personal transformation, spirituality and politics. Since then, Mr. McVarish’s interest in finding alternative paths has continued unabated. Mr. McVarish has led many local and community activist groups struggling to better the world in which they exist. After studying at a liberation theology center in Central America, Mr. McVarish became a community organizer, political director, trainer and legal advocate for community groups, teachers, parents and immigrants. He is rated one of the top three immigration attorneys in Los Angeles. His lifelong quest to integrate spirituality into his work, relationships and parenting has led to his current work in the Law of Radiance. Scott@LawofRadiance.org

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