10 Reasons Oprah Winfrey should be the next President of the United States of America.

We would not only be proud to vote for Oprah for President, but we would work really hard to make sure the Democratic Party establishment doesn’t block her in order to give their favored candidate the nomination. Here’s why you should support Oprah 2020 too:

  1. BELOVED: Oprah is loved by people from all races and generations. The sad truth is that the majority of white women voted for Donald Trump. Yet, my white Trump-supporting, 90-year-old grandmother loves Oprah, and my only extremely rich friend and I watch her Super Soul Sundays together. And she would garner the support of African American and Latino communities, and other people of color, as she has consistently drawn needed attention and activism to racism and oppression.'Oprah's Big Give' benefitted from following 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.'
  2. UNDEBATABLE: Can you image how impossible it will be for President Trump to land a blow against her in the debates? He would be too scared. First, she’s a better talker than almost any person alive. So sharp, so smart, so resilient, fearless. Second, she has made her career by listening closely and responding with poise. And, attacking Oprah on stage seems akin to public suicide.
  3. VISIONARY: Oprah is the kind of visionary that our country needs. We need transformation because Trump was right– our politics is a swamp. Clinton-Dems are part of the problem. Oprah’s story matches better with Sanders and Warren than Dem party hacks and lobbyists. Oprah thinks outside the box. Oprah knows how to take well-considered risks, to stand up for what she believes, even when it is not in vogue.
  4. LEADER: Oprah moves people enough to take action. Not only is she articulate and charismatic, she speaks to people’s hearts. Her words are touching. She talks about issues that matter–politics, religion, spirituality, education, transformation, racism. She is already more beloved than President Obama on his best day. That’s where she STARTS from.
  5. SUCCESSFUL Oprah is a massively successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. This woman has got budgets, marketing, and movements figured out. Oprah is one of the wealthiest self-made billionaires ever. It’s called success. Our country could use a little more of that (said every Republican who supported Trump). Oprah has personally experienced every level of poverty and wealth in our country. She understands through experience the challenges facing people mired in poverty. She can remember the days in the middle class, and she can speak to the wealthy about their obligations from an equal footing.
  6. PHILANTHROPIST: Oprah is passionate about helping others. She puts her money where her mouth is. She has consistently given back to communities at home and abroad both with her money, her fame, and her time. There are no fake or scandal-ridden foundations like the ones’ Trump & Clinton had.
  7. GRIT: Oprah has grit. She’s had setbacks but kept going forward. Her life story is full of actions that are a model for all of us to emulate. Being born a dirt-poor, youngest child of a broken African-American family in the South gave her no material advantage. But she showed that through her hard-work, tenacity and drive she would not let people keep her down. Do you think some born-rich 5 time bankrupt bully like Trump will beat her down?
  8. INTEGRITY: Oprah has never cheated her business partners and does not have legions of people suing her. Oprah plays fair. She has integrity. We as voters could trust her wholeheartedly to do what she has set out to do. Except, unlike Trump, her agenda would not be an “Against” agenda. Trump is against immigrants, against Black Lives Matter and Native American treaty demands, against rights for women, against climate science, against NATO. He fears so many things and people. Oprah will confront the hard truths.
  9. PRO-WOMEN POLICIES: Oprah understands the plague of violence against women. Again, personally. She was sadly sexually abused by relatives, raped as a teenager. In her retirement, she spends her time empowering women and girls by the masses.  After 4 years of a groper, shouldn’t we have someone dedicated to protecting women?
  10. READY: Oprah may be the most influential woman in the world, perhaps second only to Germany’s Angela Merkel. Oprah has spent years in this position and has never had a scandal or even embarrassing moment. She handles her responsibilities in a way that should make all Americans proud. She is trained and ready for us to make her the undisputed most influential person in the world as President.

Oprah for President

Oprah 2020

Sounds good?

Picture taken from: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/oprah-big-give-takes-sunday-night-article-1.284770

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