What is Law of Radiance?

When we want greater happiness and success we often look outside ourselves for answers– or for distractions. There are a whole host of individuals and companies that will gladly provide us with generic roadmaps to success: “attraction” books, astrology, guru workshops and online & expensive webinars for self-improvement. But the problem with many of these approaches is that people are individuals. And cookie-cutter approaches only work for… people shaped like cookies. Yet each person has different strengths, qualities, gifts and interests just as we each have our own unique problems and challenges. One size does not fit all in personal transformation.

Understanding what your strengths and best traits are– instead of focusing on your weaknesses and what you lack or want– is the best way to build the best possible life for yourself. That is the Law of Radiance’s unique approach to transforming your life. Reconnecting with those strengths, gifts and talents places you on the firmest ground possible to become a better person– because it is your own ground and not someone else’s. It’s not a secret: you can live from the best version of yourself by living from your strengths. Not the best life that other people are telling you, but rather your own version.

The tools in the Law of Radiance program start with an in-depth rediscovery of your finest and highest qualities that you have displayed at one time or other in your life. We even go back into the times in your life that have been extremely difficult and pull out your personal qualities that helped you get through those hard times. The tools help you identify the unique gifts you bring to your closest friendships and relationships. The Law of Radiance then builds upon those strengths with a daily practice to strengthen those gifts to make sure that each day you are living from your own Radiance. The Law of Radiance also offers a strategic action plan so that your strengths and gifts become the solid foundation of the life that you are seeking and creating. The Law of Radiance helps you to have greater happiness, greater success, and more fulfilling relationships because of the beautiful gifts that you already have.


10 Reasons Oprah Winfrey should be the next President of the United States of America.

10 Reasons Oprah Winfrey should be the next President of the United States of America.

Click here to learn more Content goes here We would not only be proud to vote for Oprah for President, but we would work really hard to make sure the Democratic Party establishment doesn’t block her in order to give their favored candidate the nomination. Here’s why you should support Oprah 2020 too: BELOVED: Oprah is loved by people from all races and generations. The sad truth is that the majority of white women voted for Donald Trump. Yet, my white Trump-supporting, 90-year-old grandmother loves Oprah, and my only extremely rich friend and I watch her Super Soul Sundays together. And she would garner the support of African American and Latino communities, and other people of color, as she has consistently drawn needed attention and activism to racism and oppression. UNDEBATABLE: Can you image how impossible it will be for President Trump to land a blow against her in the debates? He would be too scared. First, she’s a better talker than almost any person alive. So sharp, so smart, so resilient, fearless. Second, she has made her career by listening closely and responding with poise. And, attacking Oprah on stage seems akin to public suicide. VISIONARY: Oprah is the kind of visionary that our country needs. We need transformation because Trump was right– our politics is a swamp. Clinton-Dems are part of the problem. Oprah’s story matches better with Sanders and Warren than Dem party hacks and lobbyists. Oprah thinks outside the box. Oprah knows how to take well-considered risks, to stand up for what she believes, even when it is not in vogue. LEADER: Oprah moves people...

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Individual Life Coaching

Springboard your journey to happiness through Law of Radiance individual life coaching. By meeting one-on-one with Law of Radiance certified life coach Betsy Havens, M.P.H./J.D, you have the opportunity to receive individualized reflection and counsel. Betsy works in-depth with Radiators to identify and develop your strengths. She empowers you to grow the most radiant parts of yourself. She guides you on how to align your gifts and skills with your life goals. She is your coach as you move forward toward building a life you love. The practice of the Law of Radiance requires your individual focus and dedication first, before your outside goals and desires can align with your Light. Individual life coaching sessions are the best tool available to help you channel your energy to build the life of your dreams.

For more information on individual life coaching and to schedule your session, please contact Betsy Havens at betsy@lawofRadiance.org.

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